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Family engagement at Round Rock ISD is a shared responsibility of families, school, and communities for student learning and achievement.  We want to engage families by partnering with them to foster positive home-school connections through intentional opportunities linked to learning to support student success. 

Harvard Professor, Dr. Karen L. Mapp’s research is based on creating and strengthening partnership among school, family, and community as a means to increase the academic achievement of students.  She found that family engagement is associated with better student attendance, literacy acquisition, and secondary education attendance rates.  Additionally, she has contributed to the framework for family-school partnership for the U.S. Department of Education.  The 5 components of this framework are as follows:

1) Linked to Learning: District and school goals must be aligned with parents goals for their children.

2) Relational: Trusting and respectful relationships must be developed between districts, schools, staff, and families.

3) Developmental: Encourage developmental intelligence and social capital.

4) Collective/Collaborative: Focuses on learning and creating as a group, rather than individually.

5) Interactive: Encourage participants to put their skills into practice.

Parent Programs offers tuition free classes through Parent University that seeks to encompass the components of the dual capacity framework. The classes are held on Title I school campuses as well as the District Family Resource Center. They are facilitated and/or taught by a Parent Liaison. Parents are welcomed to attend the class of their choice at a convenient location based on class space availability.

Parent University 2019- 2020 school year class begin on September 9. Click here to see the class calendar.

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